This platform is designed for channels to make product buying from vendors/ distributors easier. It provides comprehensive information on product details; inventory availability, credit availability and pricing from distributors; rewards /promotions/offers from vendors & distributors etc. You see all information in a single screen to make a buying decision. Through shopping cart, you order on distributor/ seller of your choice. They ship the order in normal course and update the shipment / invoice status on platform for you to see. You pay them like normal, off platform transaction.

You have your customized dashboard with details on all your transactions.

Peer Connexions connects you with all distributors and vendors. Peer Connexions does not buy or sell products.

The platform is entirely free for the resellers for routine information access and ordering on the Suppliers and for availing of the various benefits from promotions / schemes / special price offers.

Yes, this strictly B to B platform is only for channels. End users are not allowed to operate here. Through your platform registration, we ensure you are a business entity. Your registration with Peer Connexions allows you to operate on the platform and access all information there.

You may need separate registration with individual distributors for them to accept your orders (like normal practice outside the platform). This can be done through the platform once you are registered for the platform itself.

Step 1: Register on the Peer Connexions platform.

Step 2: : Register with individual distributor who sell only to their registered resellers. (Look up My Suppliers area under Buyers’ Zone). If you are already registered with some distributors, declare it here and we will establish the relationship. If you want to register with additional distributors, just apply easily here.

A. No. You have to register only once on the platform. Once you are registered on the platform, you can establish your registration status with multiple Sellers on the platform, by just declaring your registered status with them and adding your partner code with them.

Go to My Suppliers under Buyers Zone and follow the steps below :

  • Click Already Registered?
  • A window appears asking for code. Enter your partner code with this Supplier and click on  to confirm
  • Once the Supplier confirms, your registration status will be established.

Very often, we receive a list of their registered partners when a Supplier onboards the platform. We proactively update partner codes for all these partners establishing registered status. If it is already done, your status with this Supplier will already be Registered and accordingly display in My Suppliers screen

Very often a distributor or vendor onboarding the platform, pre-registers all its resellers on the platform. In such situations, we pre-register their resellers and send an email invite to these resellers to come and complete their registration in simple steps provided in the invite.

You can also register without an invite. Just click on the Sign In/Register link on the top left and you will be guided through the process. It is quick and easy.

Yes, some distributors may require you to register with them. If you are already registered with a distributor before coming to the platform, you can enter your reseller code with them in Buyers’ Zone  My Suppliers. This screen also allows you an easy online option to apply for registration with other distributors.

If you enjoy credit with certain distributors outside the platform, same relationship is established here. They will ship to you on credit. Distributors maintain, real-time on the platform, credit status of all resellers registered with them.

Please look up My Suppliers under Buyer Zone for your credit applications. Apply here to establish your existing credit relationships or to apply for credit from additional distributors. Decision by distributors on your application will also be updated here.

On the home page click Product Connexions. This will take you to the listing of all products. You can search for a product by selecting a brand (from top of screen or left side listing) and/or by selecting a product category and subcategory from the left side menu. You can scroll through the results. If you want to see detailed specifications of any product, click on View Details. You can also look for items In Stock with sellers by selecting this option from left side menu. You can Compare multiple products.

If any product has Promotions on offer, the same is shown by red button next to the product listing . You can see details of the promotion by clicking this button.

Once you have identified the product to buy, click on the View Details. This will take you to the ordering screen. It shows

  • All sellers of this product
  • your registration status with each seller ( Y or N)
  • Your credit status with each seller (Y or N)
  • Stock availability with each seller
  • Pricing from each seller applicable to you including any slab pricing.
  • Delivery and freight information if provided by seller.

To place the order, you have to

  • Select a delivery address ( all your warehouse addresses will be provided as options . This information comes from your profile data . You can add/ delete a warehouse address in your profile information)
  • Enter the quantity you want to buy
  • Select the seller you want to buy from ( some sellers only sell to their registered resellers. If you are not registered, you can still place the order alongwith a simple online registration request form. This form will be presented to you to fill before you can submit the order)
  • Once you have filled above details, simply Add To Cart

You pay for your orders as you do today, directly to the distributors or sellers – whether it is through credit or cash.

The platform provides a feature to allow multiple users/logins to be created for each business entity. This allows the business entity to provide access to their staff onto the platform.

Access and authority levels are driven by allocating a role to each user. We allow 3 roles as follows:

1. Administrator: Has access to all features including creating new users to provide access to staff.

2. Manager: Has access to all features other than creating new users. Can also submit orders created by other users of the same organization.

3. Associate: Has limited access to features. Can create a shopping cart but cannot submit orders.

Details on what each role can do is provided in the tutorial section on home page.

New Users can be created, or their access modified via My Profile  My Users

You can browse and search through all the promotions and add-on discounts being offered under Products  Promotions. But more intuitively, the available promotions and add-on discounts will show up against products when you are searching or looking through product listings.

Increasingly, vendors are introducing special models for SMB segment on the platform only. These are not available outside the platform. Also, often shortage stocks are allocated for sale through platform only, to promote small or final tier resellers.

Also, often special pricing or dedicated promotions are offered on the platform.

The platform allows to compare pricing, specs and stock for products in one place without having to contact multiple sellers.

The platform has very well-designed customized dashboard for you, where you can track your transactions with all distributors/ sellers on real-time basis. Look up Placed Orders area under Buyers’ Zone.

For each order submitted by you, seller updates status of the order as it progresses e.g. Accepted or Declined, Shipped, Completed etc. Seller also uploads a copy of invoice on the platform for your ready reference.

In a way, this makes it so easy for your keep all your records and get updated.

Sellers often provide competitive pricing and offers on the platform for one off purchase. You can easily compare prices and offers from different distributors/ sellers to make a smart buy decision.

You can negotiate prices for large deals, easily on the platform. Look up Special Price Offers under Buyers’ Zone. Through this go to Special Price Buy Offers.

Here you can provide full details of your requirement in the easy format provided eg products you want to buy, delivery expectation, price expectation etc. You can specify if you are willing to get counteroffers to your price request. Through the platform, you can then submit this request to multiple distributors. Each distributor will respond to your request by accepting, rejecting or making a counteroffer. If a counteroffer is made, you can accept or reject it. When both you and distributor accept a special price, the requirement coverts into a shopping cart for you to submit as an order.

This is a very easy way for you to negotiate with multiple distributors, in parallel, digitally and confidentially with least effort. When you decide in favor of one distributor, others get a notification that deal is closed.

Above process maintains strict confidentiality. Distributors do not know who all you are negotiating with. Other resellers do not know about your negotiations. Your data is always confidential on the platform.

Yes, an intuitive app for both Android and IOS is available to give you efficiencies of the platform on the go.

Yes. Vendors and distributors configure and implement schemes through the platform. They invite selected resellers on the platform to participate in the schemes. You can look up the schemes offered to you in Services menu under Channel Schemes Manager and My Schemes.