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Peer Connexions is a B2B Technology Startup focused on building solutions for the distribution channels eco system. Its objective is to simplify and bring greater transparency in the transactions between supplier and buyer in the distribution chain. By providing a platform-based solution for managing transactions across channel tiers , we significantly reduce the cost of distribution and working capital in supply chain. We also help in expanding the reach of Suppliers to remote markets and to smaller partners across the country. Automation and platform-based channel transactions enable never-before, real time visibility and controls for manufacturers to make their decisions timely and effective.

As the Peer Connexions platform grows to become the preferred solutions for managing B2B transactions in the channel eco-system, it will become the repository of a tremendous wealth of transactional and partner data which in turn will enable us to provide extremely valuable and insightful analytics on market trends, partner performance, channel health etc.

Peer Connexions is conceptualized and launched by industry veterans with strong domain knowledge and is well funded for the idea execution.